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  • Nature’s Harvest Puppy – Chicken & Brown Rice


    Nature’s Harvest Puppy made with chicken & brown rice is ideal for puppies with a dietary sensitivity to other meats or fish. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives are used in this product and we add glucosamine & chondroitin to support correct joint function. Natural rubbed herbs and vitamin C are added for their antioxidant properties as well yeast extract that aids in supporting the immune system. Omega 3 and 6 fats are also used to enhance the maintenance of healthy skin and coats.

    Nature’s Harvest puppy made with chicken & brown rice is available in:

    – chicken & brown rice single tray (1 x 395g)

    – chicken & brown rice 10 tray bundle (10 x 395g)

  • natures harvest puppy starter pack
    natures harvest puppy chicken
    SAVE 10%

    Puppy Starter Pack


    Everything you need to get your puppy off to a flying start with our Nature’s Harvest Puppy Starter Pack while taking advantage of a 10% saving and free delivery!

    The Puppy Starter Pack contains*:

    – 10 tray bundle (10 x 395g) of Nature’s Harvest Chicken & Brown Rice Complete Wet Puppy food

    – 3kg bag of our popular Nature’s Harvest Wheat Gluten Free Mix, for extra prebiotic digestive health

    – 10% saving

    – Free delivery

    *very cute puppy not included!

  • Wheat Gluten Free Mixer


    Our wheat gluten free mixer can be added to all our Nature’s Harvest wet food and is probably the first product of its kind to be designed specifically to be mixed with all wet food diets and BARF programmes. It can be added to all wet food as well as raw and home cooked meals to provide dogs with extra nutrients and roughage.

    Nature’s Harvest Wheat Gluten Free Mixer with FOS is a perfect partner to all of our Nature’s Harvest complete wet food range and is available in:

    – small bag (1 x 3kg)

    – medium bag (1 x 10kg)

    We also offer a free sample to all new customers that would like to try our Wheat Gluten Free Mixer (limited to 1 sample per customer).

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