cat under a blanket
By Chieko Clark

Cats -v- Cucumbers…

We have all seen them – the videos on the internet showing that cats are terrified – utterly terrified – of cucumbers. Why on Earth is this? What possible reason could a cat have for a deep-seated fear of a harmless vegetable (or is it a fruit? It’s a fruit, isn’t it?). In the majority […]

Cat purring while sleeping
By Chieko Clark

Cats Purrs

A purrfectly reasonable explanation Let’s take a look at the most wonderful of sounds to a cat-owner – a purr. Why do cats purr? How do they purr? What’s the purrrpose of it all? (sorry) Why do cats purr? It’s easy to assume that cats purr because they’re happy. All contented kitty owners have experienced […]

dog smelling human hand
By Chieko Clark

How Dogs Smell

Dogs’ noses are tens of thousands of times more sensitive to odours than humans, but how exactly do these super sniffers’ noses work? And why are man’s best friend so much better at smelling out stuff than we are? Dogs can detect some odours in parts per trillion. Dog cognition researchers have reported that, while […]

swimming dog
By Chieko Clark

Swimming for Dogs

Does your dog like to swim? When it comes to water the majority of dogs throw themselves in, however, some are slightly more reticent and need a little coaxing. So why is swimming so good for your dog? Swimming is great exercise: Water produces resistance so your dog has to work harder than if he […]

natures harvest blog dog in blanket
By Chieko Clark

Winter Snuffles

As we enter into the colder months of the year, it seems that there is an abundance of coughs and colds in the air. As our human bodies adjust to the changing of the seasons, we need to take extra care of ourselves and keep ourselves healthy. Making sure that your dog remains healthy and […]